Fat cones

If you read my last post you know that they chopped down the trees in the garden of our apartment building 😦 This not only resulted in the loss of our beautiful view, but the birds who lived in the spruces lost their space too.

What also happened is that the garden is now full of spruce cones – they are all over the place. And as I’m a bit afraid, that they will remove them in a while, I started a spruce cone rescue action 😉 Lots of them are now hanging on our balcony to dry.

Yesterday I already dried two of them in the oven after baking a pizza. And I had already bought some beef tallow. So today I’ve made a kind of fat ball.

Here’s what I did:

I cut some of the tallow in little blocks and put them on the stove with only a little bit of heat until the fat run out. This I mixed with some seeds. The rest I kept apart – maybe some of the birds want to eat that as well……

Then I pressed the mixture of seeds and fat on the cones. And hung the fat cone on the balcony…

And after about 15 minutes the first Great tit landed on it (I think this might be the worst picture I’ve “published”, but I think you can recognize something….. I hope…..)

So, we try to make the best of the situation for the birds – and for ourselves as we love watching birds.

I’ve also talked to the property manager about the future of the garden. I was thinking we might try to make the rest of the garden as nice and as wildlife friendly as we can. He didn’t say yes, but he also didn’t say no to the question if my husband and me could do some of the gardening. He said we could put our ideas on paper and then he would think about it…… So that’s the next step…….

8 thoughts on “Fat cones”

  1. Well done! What a brilliant idea to make the cones full of bird feed. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your trees. I only hope there was a very good reason to chop them down.

    ….and yes, I do hope the Manager will allow you and your husband to do some gardening (and perhaps try and restore some of the bird attracting plants to your area).

    I would be totally lost without my green view and birdlife which come to my balcony.

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  2. Ich drücke die Daumen, daß ihr aktiv werden könnt! Das wäre doch schön. Deine Vogelfutterzapfen sehen sehr hübsch aus und sind eine tolle Idee. Beef tallow, ist das sowas wie Flomen? Ich wollte sowas auch gerne mal selber machen, allerdings verteilen die Vögel das Futter gerne auf dem Balkonbetonboden. Das macht sich gut, bei den fettigen Erdnüssen 😉 Dabei ist es viel schöner, als das gekaufte Zeugs und man weiß, was drin ist.

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    1. Beef tallow ist Rindertalg – hoffe ich zumindest, das war auf jeden Fall was ich gekauft habe 😉 (vom Bioschlachter).
      Die Meisen mochten auch die Reste supergerne, die nach dem Ausbacken übrig blieben.
      Bei uns hängt das meiste Futter außerhalb des Balkons.

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