Does this also happen to you? I have been thinking and writing and re-writing a blog post for hours now and it just doesn’t work. So I finally deleted everything……. 😦

It was quit philosophical, about consumerism, capitalism and even something about Hannah Arendt…….but then I thought that I didn’t have anything new to say. Everybody already knows that too much buying, to many food miles etc. aren’t a good thing.

So I think I will just post some pictures of homegrown food and some repair work.

Of the seedlings of mustard seeds that I grew for my herb quark ….

Of the leek that unexpectedly appeared next to the one I grew from a leek left over (and wrote about some time ago)…..

And my bag after some extreme mending (did you know that is a thing: “extreme mending“?)

So much for now….. and I hope this is just a kind of writer’s block……. :-/

7 thoughts on “Frustrations”

  1. … Know what you mean, have the same doubts. And so much respect for bloggers who have a tale that has been told but tell it anyway, which still is nice to read! But something about yourself is also always nice to read… Good job on the bag😁!

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  2. 🙂 I have a bunch of false starts in my WP drafts folder. I like this post, we can all relate, I think. And extreme mending – no, haven’t heard of it, and why do we have to put “exterme” in front of everything to make it worthy of our attention? That’s too bad, right? On the other hand, I love your mending job!! 🙂

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  3. Good Grief. You sound just like me. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and following.

    I spend hours writing some sort of article to go with my photography and then, realize its too long and delete it, or sense that it really is trivial and no one would want to read it (so I delete it the next morning). I am, or was, an amateur nature photographer first and a gardener second.

    But since I’m pretty much housebound these days, my Balcony Garden is fast becoming my new best and only hobby.

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      1. I’ve deleted several years worth of posts as I ran out of room, but when you have time, if you read some of the older ‘bird’ photography posts you might enjoy some of the photography. The drop-down ‘category’ list on the right hand side of the page mentions quite a few Australian birds.


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